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Renko Charts Free Online Quiz

Trading quiz on Renko charts!

For the first time ever, is pleased to announce our very own and exclusive trading quiz on Renko charts. For nearly three years you have been reading and learning about Renko charts based trading here. Now we think its time to test your knowledge about renko charts.

Take this free online trading quiz and see where you stand.

Don’t worry! This trading quiz is very basic. So you should fare well. The minimum threshold to pass is of course 50%. But don’t let that bother you much. This online free trading quiz is designed to help our readers, traders to understand how well they know about Renko charts.

Renko Charts Free Online Quiz
Renko Charts Free Online Quiz

Free Online Trading Quiz – How well do you know Renko charts?

Take this short and free online trading quiz where we ask you only 15 questions, which are a mix of true and false statements and multiple choice questions.

You will be rated on a total score of 20. The minimum threshold is 50% or 10 points.

But remember the following points.

  • Questions that are True or False have a weighting of +1 for the right answer and -1 for the wrong answer
  • For multiple choice questions which are trickier, a wrong answer has a -1 weightage. As an example if you choose one right and one wrong answer, your total score for that question is zero. If you choose one right and two wrong answers your total score for that question is -1. There is no score if you leave the choice empty.
  • In this quiz, there will be questions with a drop down. Here you can select only one answer, the right answer has a weightage of +1 and a wrong answer has a weightage of -1. Therefore, with the drop down questions, you can either have a right answer or a wrong answer.

At any point in time, you can go back and change your answers.

Are you ready to take the Renko charts quiz?

To get started, hit one of the social share buttons to let others know about this free online trading quiz for Renko charts. Once done, the quiz unlocks and you are good to go!

Make sure that you enter your correct email address and name. You will get the quiz results including explanations to the answers in your email.

Remember, this quiz is for fun, so no cheating!

“Quiz is now closed

This quiz is just for fun!

But you can use this to see how well you understand the Renko charts. If you did not make the cut, don’t worry.

Just read up on our resources about renko trading basics. You can also watch the YouTube videos. Click here to visit the Renkotraders Channel.

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